About Me

(Not Too) Personal

It is quite difficult to sum up 24 years of bad decisions in a few paragraphs; nonetheless, if you are still interested in pursuing this hopeless quest, you can get to know me better:

I was born in Merida, Venezuela, a tiny city know for it’s beautiful mountains and the fact that everyone knows everyone. I spent part of my childhood in Girona, Spain and I used to think I would never fit in any of the two places I called “home”. Turns out I was just being a teenager because, at the end, we will never entirely fit anywhere even if we were born and raised in the exact same place for years.

I moved to Miami when I turned 18 after a failed attempt of studying in Oxford. I was obsessed with Harry Potter and One Direction and wanted to learn English with a British accent. I never thought I would stay in Miami for more than six months, but it’s been six years and I am a proficient speaker of “Que bola” and follow @onlyindade religiously.

I am now married and have a black cat that hates my guts, working unhealthy hours in the hospitality industry and going to school to finish my degree. I hope to be able to buy a house one day, maybe closer to the mountains, where I can have a dog instead, listen to music at an unreasonable high volume and read children’s books until I fall asleep.

¿Por qué?

To my never ending list of failures and dreams never fulfilled, I would like to add 'writer' at the top, please.